Behind The Numbers: Car Accident Stats & Personal Injury In North Carolina

Car Accident

Hurt In A Car Accident? We’ve Got You Covered.

Unfortunately, most of us know the pain of being in a car accident on North Carolina roads. Not only can they cause a huge burden on a person financially, but they also come with a much higher cost, human health. Everyday in North Carolina over 300 people are injured in car crashes. No matter who was at fault, 300 people per day a staggering number. Here at the Law Office of Matthew Charles Suczynski we take pride in representing people who have been injured and need an attorney to fight for them.


Car Accidents Are A Part  Of Everyday Life In Chapel Hill

In North Carolina, fault rules apply to auto accidents. This means a car accident victim always has the right to make a claim against the driver responsible for causing the accident. The at-fault driver has to pay compensation, called damages, which are typically paid by his or her liability automobile insurance policy. Whether you are the victim or the driver responsible, it is imperative that you have legal representation if someone is hurt. Having an experienced attorney, like our team here at the Law Office of Matthew Charles Suczynski, can make the difference in a court proceeding. All too often we find ourselves in situations on the road that make us think twice. From a car running a red light, to a distracted driver texting, driving is easily the most dangerous thing people do on a daily basis.

Here are some stats that stand out from 2015 regarding vehicle crashes in North Carolina.

  • 1,380 persons killed, an 8.1% increase from 2014
  • 123,589 persons injured, an 11.8% increase from 2014
  • 251,638 traffic crashes reported, an 11.1% increase from 2014
  • 72.3% of all crashes occurred between 7:00 a.m and 7:00 p.m.
  • 30.7% of all fatalities were related to speeding

As you can tell, driving can be a dangerous endeavor on North Carolina roads. Not only have we seen consistent growth in almost all measures of crashes, the rates of injury have risen year over year. Remember, if are in an accident where an injury occurs it is essential that you reach out to experienced attorneys, like our team here at the Law Office of Matthew Charles Suczynski, who can protect your rights as a citizen of North Carolina.

Distracted Driving Is On The Rise.

It’s hard to imagine a world without cell phones today. They have embedded themselves into every parts of our lives, including our vehicles. Many people use them inside a vehicle for a wide variety of reasons such as music, podcasts, GPS or even just trying to pass the time at red lights. Unfortunately, with the rise of cell phones we have also seen a meteoric rise in distracted driving crashes from texting and other means of phone interaction inside a vehicle. It’s good to see states launching campaigns to try and educate the masses about the dangers that distracted driving places on our roads but the risks are still ever present. In 2015, 21 percent of all vehicle related crashes were the result of driver distraction in North Carolina. That being said, distracted driving is a self reported circumstance so odds are this statistic could be much higher in reality. In the case of distracted driving, there can be harsh penalties imposed if you are accused of these actions, especially if another driver is injured. If you are driving, please wait to check your phone until you come to a complete stop, it could save your life. However, we understand that accidents happen, if you do find yourself in this precarious situation, please give our office a call for a free consultation.

What Should I Do If I Injured Someone Else In An Accident?

Nobody plans for an unpredictable accident. Always remember that the insurance company is not your friend. An insurance representative may try to approach you to make a statement about your case or try to settle your case immediately after the injury occurs. It is important that you consult with an attorney about your rights and obligations before speaking with an insurance company. Failure to become fully informed prior to speaking with an insurance adjuster can have drastic consequences. However, our attorneys at the Law Office of Matthew Charles Suczynski can help you plan what happens next to ensure your rights are protected. Let us help you get the financial resources you need to put the accident behind you and move on with your life.

Why Should I Choose the Law Office of Matthew Charles Suczynski

Over the years the Law Office of Matthew Charles Suczynski has defended hundreds of Personal Injury cases both in District and Superior Courts throughout the state. As such, our team has the skill set and experience necessary to handle your case. Give the the Law Office of Matthew Charles Suczynski a call today to discuss your case at (919) 619-3242 or visit our Auto Accident and Personal Injury page for more information.

Hurt And Need A Lawyer?

If you’ve been injured in an accident, then it’s vital to find an attorney who will do everything in his power to protect your rights. We proudly service Durham & Orange County; as well as the surrounding Triangle. Contact Your Local Chapel Hill & Durham Attorneys For A Free Consultation

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